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Who I am

Dr. Ramesh AnandDr. Ramesh Anand is an ayurvedic and homeopathic professional (Homeopathy and Ayurveda Medical Center), who is also a urology professor (Center for Male Reproductive Medicine). As a natural health practitioner, Dr. Anand has invested more than 15 years writing about men’s health in medical reviews and several men’s magazines. He has also ghostwritten over 5 books concerning men’s overall health and wellbeing. Dr. Anand also has a practice where he treats men’s issues like hormonal conditions, sexual conditions and issues with aging. Currently, Dr. Anand resides in Secaucus, New Jersey.

Who we are

Our mission is to revitalize and enhance men’s overall health and wellbeing by offering researched information about online pharmacies that market brand medicines, generic medicines and anabolic steroids. In other words, we strive to make sure men have the most recent and relevant insight on male enhancement supplements for ED (Erectile Dysfunction) and online pharmacies that offer these medications.

It’s common knowledge that drugs within the United States are expensive, which is why a lot of people are shopping for their medications online. To meet this new demand for ordering medications online, numerous online pharmacies have surfaced. But not all online pharmacies are created equal. So, consumers have to be mindful of online pharmacies that are either unsafe or created for the purpose of scamming people.

Unfortunately, we have countless reviews about unethical online pharmacies that have given men nothing more than chalk tablets instead of actual pills. Therefore, we have made it a point to put a stop to these types of unethical online pharmaceutical practices by researching specific reviews and public information about these companies.

Now, people in the US can go online and find out which online pharmacies offer real medicines that are safe and affordable for ED and more. The days of getting chalk tablets or chalk capsules are over. Our goal is to present information to the public that verifies the legitimacy of online pharmacies and the authenticity of male enhancement medicines for Erectile Dysfunction.

My assistants


Ayaan Chowdhury

Dr. Ayaan Chowdhury is a male sexual health professional and urologist that utilizes the precision medicine approach to treating common men’s health issues.

Aqil Razif

Dr. Aqil Razif is a men’s natural health practitioner who specializes in cannabinology and endocannabinology. Razif has over three years of experience in the use of cannabinoid medicines.


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