ReliableRXPharmacy Reviews 2021 – Legit Or Scam?

Many people are now choosing to buy medication online so they can save money, however, the potential for being scammed by rogue pharmacy websites is increasing all the time. When you’re buying medication online, it’s vital to find a legitimate seller that can deliver you a high-quality product at a price that you can afford. Here, we take a closer look at ReliableRXPharmacy to find out whether you can put your trust in this online drug store.

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Is ReliableRXPharmacy Legit?

To determine whether or not ReliableRXPharmacy is a legit online pharmacy, we have taken a look at a number of reliable sources. Unfortunately, the results have shown that you shouldn’t trust this internet drug store to supply your medication. Here are the reasons why. Reviews Review on CIPA

CIPA – the Canadian Association of Licensed, Retail Pharmacies – lists all of the online pharmacies that can be trusted and relied upon to supply a high-quality level of service and genuine pharmaceutical products on its website. All of the pharmacies listed on their website are regulated and licensed for the buyer’s peace of mind. Unfortunately, ReliableRXPharmacy is not listed on site and is therefore not a trusted and certified provider. [1] Review on CIPA Review on

LegitScript is a trusted website which monitors online supplement sellers, merchants, and pharmacies for legitimacy. Online pharmacies listed on this site can be relied upon by customers and can be considered to be trustworthy suppliers of medications. Unfortunately, ReliableRXPharmacy is not listed with LegitScript and, in fact, have been assigned “rogue” status by this monitoring site, meaning that they are very likely to be a scam and a poor choice for customers. [2] Review on Review on

PharmacyChecker is a trusted online resource which allows consumers to search for reliable Canadian internet pharmacies meeting the necessary safety standards for selling medications over the web. All online pharmacies which have been verified by PharmacyChecker display the site’s seal on their homepage. However, ReliableRXPharmacy does not display any such seal, and its name does not appear on PharmacyChecker’s listings of verified sites. This is yet another indicator that customers should not rely on this operator to supply high-quality medication. As you can see from the screenshots below which show all of the verified Canadian online pharmacies, ReliableRXPharmacy does not appear. Review on NABP (National Association of Boards Of Pharmacy)

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy aims to protect public health by providing an online checker service so that customers who buy medications over the internet can check before purchasing that they are choosing a reliable and trustworthy supplier. We checked out ReliableRXPharmacy on the NABP’s site, and unfortunately, we discovered that they were not listed among their recognized safe sites. As you can see from the screenshot below, their name does not appear on the list of reliable sites which means that this online pharmacy is likely to be an illegitimate one. Reviews on

TrustPilot is a site which allows the public to publish reviews about brands and companies with which they have had personal experience. Having checked out ReliableRXPharmacy on TrustPilot, they do appear to have some excellent customer reviews however, it is important to remember that these reviews may be biased or not genuine. There are also some condemning reviews which point out the scam nature of the site if you take the time to read through the listings. [3] Reviews on Reviews on

MyWOT, or My Web Of Trust, is a website checking site which helps users to determine whether a particular website is a genuine one or a scam. Having searched on the MyWOT website for ReliableRXPharmacy, it came up with negative results, showing that the site was a scam and an untrustworthy operator. There were numerous negative comments which pointed out that this is an illegitimate site. This suggests that consumers would do well to avoid this site when buying medications online. Reviews on

Also checked the site on and find that the site has got a 100% trust score on the basis of 5104 reviews. [4] Reviews on Payment And Delivery

On the face of it, ReliableRXPharmacy appears to offer a secure payment site. Their site has https at the beginning of its web address and claims to be Comodo and McAfee secured. According to the site delivery can take up to two weeks however, no returns are accepted. Customers are instructed to contact the company if their order is incorrect or damaged during shipping, however, there is no information as to what sort of redress can be expected in this instance.

While many customers on TrustPilot report that they had no difficulties or problems during the payment or delivery process, others expressed their struggle when getting refunds when necessary, having to deal with slow delivery times or not receiving the product that they had ordered.

Is Legitimate?

ReliableRXPharmacy does not appear to be a reliable or trustworthy choice when buying medications online. Since it has not been regulated or licensed by CIPA and does not appear in the listings of trusted online operators on the LegitScript, NABP, PharmacyChecker or MyWOT websites, this is a very strong indicator that customers cannot rely on this online drugstore to supply reliable and genuine pharmaceutical products. Approval Status – Scam.

Customer Ratings

Although there are some very positive reviews on Trustpilot, this is insufficient to convince us that ReliableRXPharmacy can be trusted when purchasing essential medication, and therefore, we have rated them as 2.5 stars only.

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  1. I ordered from them and did not receive my order for 8 weeks. My order arrived and was no longer potent. I will never order from these people again. It was a nightmare.

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