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SelectHealth has been a health plan service provider for more than 30 years in the State of Utah and Idaho. This company offers numerous services to facilitate its customers for all their medical needs. Since it has been functional for so many years, it can be said that the company has affirmed its foothold in the market.

At the moments, there is no facility for open enrollment for family plans and individual plans. It could possibly be because of some changes that might be visible in the next few days. The company has numerous services on offer such as pharmacy locator that helps you to find a contracted pharmacy by this company in your locality.[1] It saves you from the hassles of online ordering and waiting for your products to arrive.

Another service by this company is the health plan comparison. It lets you know the cheapest health plans so that you invest wisely and save some bucks. For the members, there are more services such as health savings account where you can save for further health plans in future.

The newsroom at the website keeps you aware of the latest happenings in the company. You will learn about what is new in the world of health and what new services might be on offer. There are prescription drugs list on the website which tells you the drug inventory of the company.

You can also find a doctor in your locality through this website.[2] These doctors are in contract with the company so there won’t be any extra charges that you will have to pay.

SelectHealth (St. Luke’s Health System) Locations

  • St. Luke’s Meridian Medical Center
  • St. Luke’s Jerome Medical Center
  • Gwen Neilsen Anderson Rehabilitation Center
  • St. Luke’s Eagle Medical Plaza
  • St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital
  • St. Luke’s Boise Medical Center
  • St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Hospital
  • St. Luke’s Elmore Medical Center
  • Idaho Elks Children’s Pavilion
  • St. Luke’s Wood River Medical Center
  • St. Luke’s Fruitland Medical Plaza
  • St. Luke’s Magic Valley Medical Center
  • St. Luke’s Nampa Medical Center
  • St. Luke’s McCall Medical Center Review

The review section to much of our amusement, tells an interesting story about this company. There is quite an abundance of negative sentiments for the services from SelectHealth. There are complaints regarding customer care and many other aspects. There are a few reviews which talk about this website positively but their quantity is fairly low.

The following reviewer says that she had a bad time with the customer care officers. She said she wasn’t given the answers that could satisfy her. She termed this company as the worst health care provider which is quite a big statement so we can understand the severity of the situation.[3] Reviews

Another reviewer has contrasting thoughts about this company. She says that her experience of the company has been good so far and the fact that she has been with the company for 9 years is a fair indication for it. She said she couldn’t ask for anything better. Review

The review section has both sentiments for the company. It looks like the website has had its ups and downs but to there is surely a need of improvement in the services at Select Health. Reviews

For the years 2019 and 2020, there have not been any positive and flattering reviews from the customers. It indicates that the company might be having some troubles this year. However, there are still quite a number of negative remarks for this website.

The following customer questioned the insured services. She said that the nothing is covered, you pay a monthly fee to be insured, but if anything happens to you, doctors visits or meds are all out of pocket pay.[4] Review 2019

Another reviewer said that this company is nothing but poor service provider. They recommended strongly that people should not buy any policies from Select health. Reviews 2019

The review section suggests that it is better to stay away from Select Health. There are too many negative reviews for the company and most of them target the customer care section. Hence, new customers are better off trying other policy option because this company has clearly failed to earn the trust of its clients.


SelectHealth has been a health plan provider for a long time. It operates in Utah and Idaho. Finding a doctor, pharmacy locator, health plan comparison are some of the many services that are on offer at this company. However, there is a lot of risk involved because the services don’t seem to be up to the expectations of the customers. Very few comments suggest that the services are fine but the bulk of them suggest otherwise. Hence it is a better option to look for alternatives. It earns a rating of 1.5 out of 5.

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  1. Be VERY CAREFUL of Select Care. They want you do undergo routine procedures that require anesthesia without having it. That’s about as primitive as pre civil war surgeries.

    I would guess that their idea of anesthesia for open heart surgery is a couple of shots of whiskey and a bullet to bite down on.

    Many many providers DO NOT accept this companies benefits.

    I’m guessing the CEO does not live by his own companies recommendations

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