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There are a lot of online pharmacies selling steroids in today’s market. These online pharmacies have risen to answer a growing demand for steroids from athletes, bodybuilders and people who want to enhance their performance. The problem is many of the steroids available online are fake and most of the online pharmacies selling them are illegitimate.[1]

It can be difficult to tell counterfeit steroids, yet the health consequences of using then can be very serious, sometimes even cause death. It is therefore important to be vigilant when buying steroids online to ensure that you are buying only from legitimate online pharmacies.

What is this?

Since they were identified in the 80s, steroids have been used for the effective treatment of many diseases. They are particularly potent in the treatment of auto-immune illnesses because of their anti-inflammatory and immune modulating properties. But they have also been proven to present serious side effects that can occur when the steroids are administered in high doses.

Because of their ability to enhance athletic ability and performance, steroids and anabolic steroids have been abused. The number of people who purchase steroids for recreational use is steadily growing, creating a demand that online steroids pharmacies are trying to fill.

Which Steroids are Legal in Which Countries?

In some countries, some steroids are considered a controlled substance. This means that you may be in violation of the law if you are found in possession of these steroids. In the United States in particular, there are some steroids that are classified as Class C drugs. Anyone in possession of these drugs in the United States could be prosecuted and spend up to 2 years in prison. Selling Class C drugs in the United States could land you in prison for 14 years. You can also only purchase other steroids in the United States with a prescription from your doctor and you can only use them for personal use.

Which Countries

Some countries have lax laws when it comes to the sale and use of steroids. Perhaps the most famous is Mexico where the sale and use of steroids is virtually unregulated. It is however not easy to tell which steroids from Mexico are legitimate since it is very easy to tamper with the drugs. While the market is growing in Mexico, you should note that it is illegal to cross the border with the steroids.

You may also be able to purchase steroids with or without a prescription in Thailand where they are easily accessible and very cheap. Colombia also offers you a great place to purchase some steroids without a prescription because of the largely unavailable regulation on the industry.  In India, steroids are famously cheap and easily accessible, particularly because most steroids are manufactured in India.

Warning Signs

Fake Steroids

The growing demand for steroids for recreational use has led to an increase in online steroid pharmacies. Since most of them are illegal in the United States, there is also a significant rise in the number of steroids that are bought abroad and illegally smuggled into the country. Apart from the fact that this practice is illegal, some of the steroids that are smuggled over the border are fake and therefore less effective. Even more important, these fake drugs are made of some very questionable ingredients which further increases the risk of potentially fatal side effects.


Unknown Country of Origin

Unlike the United States, many countries are yet to sufficiently regulate the use and sale of steroids. This creates a problem where substandard steroids are smuggled into the country. But also there is a growing rise in online pharmacies that claim to be located in the United States when they are not. The danger of buying medication from these pharmacies whose country of origin is unknown is that you may be buying fake drugs that could cause serious side effects. You may also be buying medication that is illegal to use and have in the United States which  can cause problems with the law.

Cost of Steroids in Different Countries

You’ll pay the highest amount for steroids in the United States and there are some steroids that will not be available in the U.S. The cheapest steroids are in India and Mexico although due to the nearly non-existent regulation of the drugs, it can be impossible to tell which ones are fake and you may therefore be paying for drugs that are less than effective or dangerous to use.

If a particular drug’s price seems too good to be true, it is probably a drug you shouldn’t be using.

Steroid Pharmacy Online – Examples of Steroid Pharmacy

The following are some of the online steroid pharmacies;

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